The following rules will be followed by all male / female students residing in the hostel. Violation of these rules will make students liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel.

The college attaches equal importance to conduct, discipline, decorum, decency and studies. Parents and students are expected to extend their fullest co-operation by adhering to the code of conduct formulated by the college / hostel from time to time.

Separate hostel accommodation is provided for boys and girls in two separate hostel blocks and exclusively for freshers.

The college students by virtue of their numerical strength are sometimes involves in cases of physical violence or nuisance at public places outside/inside the college campus. In all such cases the college is not legally bound to defend any student or to take bail etc. If the necessity arises, the college authorities may inform the guardian/parents of the students involved in such incidents. The Students shall be responsible for their actions. Parents are especially requested to guide their wards so that they don't indulge in any physical violence. The responsibilities of defending the cases will be entirely of the concerned students/parents. No student shall be above the law. The hostel cannot be considered as a hiding place for miscreants.

1) The residents of the hostel are required to follow the hostel rules strictly as given below. A student must remember that the hostel is the home of the students on the campus, he / she should behave himself / herself on the campus as well as outside in such manner as to bring credit to him / her and to the institution.

(2) The students at the time of admission to the hostel, must show the receipt(s) of the hostel fee and room rent paid to the warden to his/her satisfaction and unless and until it is done, the occupancy of any accommodation within the hostel will not be allowed.

(3) A student once admitted in the hostel continues to be a hostel inmate throughout the year. He / She has to pay the room rent for the full academic session. The amount will be forfeited if the inmate decides to leave the hostel inmid-session.

(4) Rooms are allotted on the basis of the criteria / procedure laid down by the authorities from time to time. A student should check the fittings in his / her room at the time of occupation. If there is any deficiency or inadequacy. it should be brought to the notice of the hostel warden/maintenance incharge staff. He/she shall be responsible for the fittings and shall see to it that they are in order at the time of handing over charge of the room when he/she leaves the hostel.

(5) Students will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss or damage to the hostel furniture, electrical fittings or other fittings in all the rooms and also in the common facilities of the hostel.

(6) It is advisable for the students to use mosquito nets, since malaria is endemic here.

(7) Cleanliness of the room is to be maintained by the student himself / herself.

(8) A student should not enter the rooms of others who are not in their rooms.

(9) Each students must sign the attendance register every day at 9.00 PM. Not presenting and signing the attendance will amount to unauthorized absence from the hostel. The hostel authorities shall not be responsible for the same unless otherwise obtained prior permission from the Hostel Warden or some authorized person.

(10) Students must not keep valuable in their rooms. Extra money must be deposited in their name at the post office or bank savings bank account. They should lock their rooms properly when they go out for college, hospital, canteen etc.

(11) A student himself / herself is responsible for all of his / her belongings. The college will not be responsible for any loss incurred due to his/her negligence or any other reason whatsoever.

(12)No one should use the belongings of other students without their consent.

(13) Employment of a private servant is not allowed in the hostel.

(14) No Power consuming Electrical appliance like AC / Heater / Cooler / Micro woven shall be allowed in the hostel room, unless they are permitted by the authorities on payment of prescribed fee. Such payment receipt should be shown to the authorized person before installation

(15) Any student permitting any stranger / friend / relatives / unauthorized person to live in his/her room even for a short period will be liable for serious action against him/her including expulsion from the hostel.

(16)No female shall be allowed to enter the hostel / rooms except the Guest Room in Boy’s hostel and Vice Versa for the Girls Hostel.

(17) All lights and fans and electrical appliances must be switched off before leaving the room, failing which fine will be imposed for each item found to be on when the room is locked and also the management is not responsible for any loss/damage caused due to the electric short circuit etc. In case any loss to the property of the management, the cost of such damage/loss shall be entirely on the resident.

(18) Residents are required to write their name and his/her mobile No., parent/guardian contact address and their phone/mobile Nos. on the register maintained for the purpose with the Care Taker/Warden before leaving for outstation on the weekends/holidays etc. after obtaining permission from the concerned warden .

(19) No students / residents should be rough with the mess/canteen employees. Any complaints against an employee must be brought to the notice of the Mess Manager and Warden only.

(20) All the residents are supposed to take their meals at the prescribed time in the mess and not to carry food materials to their rooms.

(21) None of the residents should create any disturbance or nuisance for the fellow residents by rushing about in the stair cases corridors and playing Radios/VCRs/TV/Stereos in the hostel room is strictly prohibited.

(22) Any student found in possession of or having taken alcoholic drinks or any kind of narcotic/intoxicating drug will be expelled immediately from the hostel and also liable for suspension from the college.

(23) Discovery of any lethal weapons or arms on the person or in possession of a hostel student, shall invite expulsion from the hostel/college.

(24) The hostel residents shall compulsorily leave / vacate hostel during summer vacation (30 days) and winter vacation (15 days) unless his/her stay is warranted by the college authorities for the examination and or clinical purposes.

(25) Discovery of involvement of any form ragging activity in the hostel or college in any manner either individually or in group on any hostel residents or college students, shall invite expulsion from the college and hostel besides filing F.I.R. with the police.

(26) Every student before admission to the hostel, shall give an Undertaking that he/she shall not keep any unauthorized person, in his/her room and that if he/she is found keeping such a person he/she shall be liable for disciplinary action and liable for expulsion from the hostel.

(27) No students / residents of the hostel will be absent or stay away from the hostel without the written permission of the Warden. Residents wishing to visit friends or relatives allowed by the parents, even on holiday, shall obtain the written permission of the Warden.If the rule is not observed by the resident, the consequences and responsibilities are entirely on him/her and parents/guardians.

(28) Residents wishing to come late to the hostel for certain prescribed period after the closing time of 9.00 PM, except those who are on hospital duty, due to some valid reasons with clear proof and on the written request letter from the student and parent forwarded by the concerned Dean/Principal of the college concerned, shall obtain prior permission from the Warden stating where he/she will be going and when they shall be back in the hostel. For such cases it is the sole responsibility of the resident(s)/parent(s) for any untoward incidence occurred outside the hostel.

(29) Hostel Warden and / or Care Taker are to supervise and to maintain discipline. Every resident should cooperate with them in the discharge of their duties.

(30) Illness must be reported to the Warden by the student concerned at once.

(31) No smoking in the rooms or in the hostel premises. Consumption of Liquor including beer, gutkha, spiting on inside the premises etc. are strictly prohibited in the hostel.

(32) The following criminal offences will be forthwith reported to the police and offenders will be handed over to the law enforcing authority:
(a) Consumption of drugs.
(b) Theft/stealing
(c) Vandalism / Destruction of Public Property.
(d) Littering
(e) Gambling
(f) Unlawful assembly or gathering for the purpose of committing anything illegal.
(g) Fighting
(h) Any other forms of criminal Act or Behavior.

(33) No cooking in the room.

(34) Duplicate of keys is prohibited and unauthorized entry to a room is a serious offence. Trespassers will be seriously dealt with.

(35) The Management reserves the right to expel students or change their rooms at its own discretion.

(36) The Management reserves the right for its designees to enter and inspect a residence in the interest of health, safety and proper conduct of the students. Entry can be made at any time, whether or not the students are present and without prior notice to the students, if emergency, health or safety circumstances warrant such entry or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that any substance, material or item is being kept or used on the premises in any manner prohibited by the law or by this Rules.

(37) Entry by the Management may also be made without prior notice, during normal hours, for the purpose of conducting non-emergency inspections. For repairs and/or for the purpose of showing the premises, students will be notified.

(38) The original receipt shall be surrendered for refund of Hostel Security Deposit.

(39) Students are expected to attend college on the reopening day after vacation. No excuse will be considered.

(40) Modern outfits which may distract the attention of others is strictly prohibited.

(41) The hostel fee/security deposit and other charges are subject to revision from time to time.

(42) Any other matters that is not explicitly stated in these Rules shall be decided by the College / Board of Management.

(43) In case of married and spouse is also a student of this college and wants Hostel accommodation, he will be accommodated in the boys hostel and she will be accommodated in the girls hostel. They will not be allowed to stay in the hostel together either in boys hostel or in girls hostel. Staying together in the hostel is strictly prohibited.


(1) Parent / Guardian are expected to produce a list of probable visitors of the student with specimen signature of the probable visitor along with those of their own.

(2) If parent / Guardian is not able to produce this on admission they are expected to send it soon after.

(3) Nobody else will be allowed to meet / take her out either from the college or from the Hostel.

(4) Persons who bring letter from the parent / Guardian or those from the authorized list will only be permitted to meet / take her out.

(5) Each student will be issued a check out book containing 20 leaves for a whole year. This book will not be reissued and not transferable.

(6) During holidays Parent / Guardian are expected to accompany or send authorization letters to the College / Hostel Warden, failing which she will not be allowed to leave the hostel.

(7) The resident is expected to reach the hostel within the stipulated time. She must sign the register kept for the purpose on entry which will be checked periodically.

(8) Outings and shopping must be intimated to the concerned authority or warden and prior permission must be obtained with statement of check out and check in timings failing which disciplinary action will be taken.

(9) Authorized female relatives and friends will be allowed to visit the inmates but are not allowed to stay beyond 8.00 PM.
(10) All hostlers are expected to join the Mess and abide by the rules and regulations of the mess.

(11) No male relatives will be allowed to enter either class rooms or hostel other than the visitors room.

(12) On working days even if the student goes out with prior sanction or permission she is expected to be back on or before 8 PM to the hostel.

(13) In times of emergency if the Parent / Guardian wants the students to visit them, the message must reach college / Hostel through proper channel (telegram / fax).

(14) All letters for the students may be scrutinized.

Anybody found violating any of the above rules shall render himself to disciplinary action.