A student shall at all time possess and maintain an absolute Academic and Professional integrity.

A student shall be dismissed or removed / terminated from the college on account of being “Unbecoming of a Student” which interalia shall include one or more of the following –

(a) Wilful absent of theory or practical classes, mass bunking of classes/I.A. examsand absent physically in any emergency hospital call duty.
(b) Dereliction in attendingnight duties.
(c) Academic dishonesty.
(d) Plagrism.
(e) Providing wrong information.
(f) Submission of Fake documents.
(g) Impersonation.
(h) Academic and Professional incompetence.
(i) Moral turpitude.
(j) Embezzlement/scams/scandals in examination and other issues.
(k) Breach of Trust.
(l) Vitiating the academic ambience.
(m) Not observing the Academic, Professional and Administrative integrity.
(n) Involvement with anti-social elements.
(o) Involvement in actions defaming the University.
(p) Involvement and or instigation of creating indiscipline in the college, hostel and University.
(q) Involvement and or instigation of the criminal activities.
(r) Involvement and or instigation of the strike and other unlawful activities including damage of the College/Hostel/University property.
(s) Possessing or carrying the unlawful arms and ammunition.
(t) Involvement or a party to a terrorism in the College/Hostel/University or outside.
(u) Any other offence that may be construed as an offence by the management from time to time .

A student shall carry out without fail all the instructions /directions /orders/ordinances issued by the Competent authorities from time to time.

Involving individually or jointly in any kind ill-legal activities
The possession or use alcoholic or any kind of intoxicated beverages.
The possession or use of firearms or use of hallucinogenic drugs.
The possession or use of firearms or any lethal weapons.
Loitering around, especially under the influence of alcohol.
Students must pay for all damages caused by them to books and other college property, if any.

Students are not permitted to use the College telephone/ office telephone

Ragging of students is forbidden & is punishable, either by fine or rustication from college. Ragging is defined as wilful injury or threat of injury, physical or mental, to any fellow student. All students must furnishing an “Anti Ragging Undertaking” in the format prescribed duly signed by the students and by the parent/guardian.

Illness and minor ailment must be reported to the Principal / Provost / warden as early as possible.

Students must arrange for washable white coats, which are to be worn at all times in the College, Laboratories and on Hospital duty and also provide their own dissecting instruments. Girls must put their hair up when work at College and Hospital.

College fees must be paid in full by the dates specified by the management. Any student whose fee, together with the fine imposed, is still unpaid will be suspended from attending lectures / practical classes and shall be retrained from issue of exam form.

All irregularities, neglect of duties, Breach of rules and indiscipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal. The Principal, in consultation with the senior staff members shall deal with any serious offence.

The decision of the Board of ManagementGoverning Council of the college in all disputes would be final and binding on the students.

The College is basically residential, providing all amenities for physical and spiritual well being of the students, but it is NOT compulsory for all students to be members of the hostel and eating hostel mess.