SICK LEAVE: In all cases of illness, recommendation of sick leave in writing by the Warden or Medical Officer must be presented to the Principal concerned. Future, students should present the sick leave certificate to the Principal after presenting the leave slips to the concerned department.

WEEK END LEAVE: Application for weekend leave should be submitted to the Principal through the Warden. Ordinary one weekend leave per month is allowed. Student recommended for convalescent leave after sick leave should obtain the sanction of the Principal for such leave.

OTHER LEAVES: Taking leave during the team is discouraged. However; students required for any of the reason should apply with a letter from Parent/legal guardian to the Principal through the warden. Application should be sent well in advanced.

The hostel when they proceed on weekend or other leave, All the students are required to inform the Principal and Provost/Warden in writing before they leave the hostel for more then 24hours.

OFFICIAL LEAVE: Students requiring leave for taking part in sports or games on behalf of the college or for any paper presentation or for attending conference should apply to the Principal through the Provost/Warden.

Application should be sent well in advance