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All candidates must obtain minimum 80% attendance and 50% I.A. Marks (Minimum) to be eligible for being sent for the university examinations.

Any candidate who does not have adequate attendance or progress in any subject will not be permitted to write any of the University examinations in that semester/ Academic year.

Attendance on the reopening days is mandatory. Excuses like minor illness and tickets not available will not be accepted.

Attendance at College examinations and marks obtained at these examinations will be taken into consideration in assessing progress and internal assessment.

Transportation is provided for students for all academic and allied activities. The use of private mean of transportation like motorized two wheelers or cars is not encouraged.

At the time of admission to the college, the students and parents/ legal guardian will be required to sign a declaration that their children/wards will abide by all the rules regulations of the institution.

For Medical treatment should inform Principal/Provost/Warden. Institution will provide free professional services for the sickness, however the cost of medicine, investigations, disposable items etc., shall be born by the students.

The college attaches equal importance to conduct, discipline and studies. Parents and students are expected to extend their fullest co-operation by adhering to the code of conduct formulated by the College/Hostel from time to time.